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Build your house faster, more economically and certainly safer (against earthquakes), with a metallic construction shell and a dry construction!


The main advantages of metal buildings with brick walls or a dry construction system (cement boards, gypsum boards) over conventional construction are:

  •  Their maximum earthquake-resistance
  • Support and give maximum flexibility in architectural and decorative design
  • Short delivery time
  • It is a more economical way to build
  • They are constructions that can more easily achieve and guarantee optimum energy efficiency
  • The quality of all materials during construction is kept constant due to standardization and low dependence on the human factor (ex. dry wall construction is fast in installation and stable quality and does not depend on materials on site)
  • Future changes, additions, interior layout changes or repairs are easier, faster and more cost effective


Metal structures are more economical for the following reasons:

  •  The skeleton is manufactured at the factory and not at the construction site
  • The metal frame is much lighter than reinforced concrete
  •  The foundation is smaller in volume
  • Βuilding stamps are reduced by 60%
  •  Dry construction walls are fast to install and of high quality

Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are the safest, most tested, and with the best value over time.


While conventional construction (concrete frame and brick masonry) is the most familiar way to build in Greece, metal construction of any type of buildings is the future for the construction industry worldwide.

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