Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the basis of B&K Techniki’s culture. However, the aim of the company is to implement guidelines that contribute to company’s proper functioning, while respecting humans, society and the environment. As a result, B&K Techniki seeks a number of actions aimed at enhancing-as much as possible- its employees’, partners’ and suppliers’ job satisfaction, while adopting a number of practices aimed at enhancing social support and environmental protection.

B&K Techniki, with a primary goal of ensuring a healthy work environment, implements measures, in order to improve the work conditions in the company, while also protects Human Rights. In addition, the management of the company is actively involved in processes that enhance and ensure teamwork, cooperation and trust among employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility is B&K Techniki’s commitment to an attitude of responsibility towards our partners, clients and society generally, as, above all; it focuses on protecting the natural environment that concerns us all. The company seeks to adopt and implement specific environmental guidelines and procedures to contribute to sustainable development.