Environmental Responsibility

B&K Techniki aims to protect the natural environment by seeking to adopt and implement specific environmental guidelines and procedures to contribute to sustainable development. The company maintains an environmental protection strategy, and has therefore developed a clear environmental corporate policy, which is governed by the following principles.

Initially, B&K Techniki complies with the relevant legal framework regarding environmental protection in general. The company also empowers its partners to participate in action programs, in order to obtain relevant Environmental Education and thus pursue similar environmental goals. One of these goals, both of the company as a whole and its partners individually, is to improve environmental behaviors, particularly in matters related to prevention of the environmental pollution and emergency risk management.

The company adopts waste generated reduction practices, both in terms of quantity and the degree of hazardousness, while at the same time pursues safe handling as well as disposal of hazardous waste. Also, B&K Techniki seeks to safe natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials.

In addition, the company’s goal is to develop the ecological awareness of its manpower, through its constant awareness of the company’s environmental performance and behaviors. In this way, environmental practices are fully understood by employees, and are therefore more effectively applied to any project.