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Providing high quality to our clients is the main purpose of our company. On one hand, we achieve high-quality output by training, experience and love for what we do, and on the other hand, by selecting the materials possible relative to the budget we are given.

Our company is also flexible to run offshore projects, still focusing on quality, speed and consistency.

We always try to match our processes with your requirements and needs, so you can entrust us with your project, which will stand out from others, due to its aesthetics, comfort and functionality. In any kind of project, clients have the opportunity to see 3D designs of their project, choose – if desired – the materials and “see” them in their future environment, customize the project budget according to their affordability, get a precise construction budget and finally get what they want.

B&K Techniki, for 16 years, undertakes the construction and upgrading of public and private projects, including theaters, supermarkets, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, residences and more.

Shell construction is the beginning and the end of a building. The foundations, floors and walls form the basis for a durable and solid construction. A proper selection of materials and a proper and careful design can predict the quality of the project from the outset.

Therefore, we organize and implement all the necessary steps for every project of your desire. For you, we offer a wide range of services: from finding the building area, licensing, searching for the most suitable materials, processing the concrete construction to generally, everything included in the final shell construction. With regard to industrial floors, we have been working with the most competent and trusted agencies in the region for years.

Concrete is the basis of the project. A proper construction and a proper installation are essential for a stable structure without any fissures. If materials are installed properly, they can function properly.

In addition, a specially designed concrete ensures not only a functional, but also an attractive appearance of the building’s exterior facade and its visible surfaces. We are ready for both small and large projects, either by using direct concrete (foundations, slabs, retaining walls) or by using precast concrete (reinforced concrete, concrete for stairs, prestressed concrete, slabs).

Throughout your project we provide the most functional solution when it comes to earthworks. Our company works with the most consistent and appropriate material suppliers (eg gravel, sand, etc.), while an experienced team undertakes excavation processes. No matter the type of project (eg private, industrial, retail, etc.), our competent team can handle the installation of heating, plumbing and drainage systems.

In addition, our modern equipment allows us to mount channels even in difficult terrain conditions. Also, it provides us with gentle drilling and vibration even on very solid and hard materials (such as granite) for laying pipes, cables and lines.

There are often large wall openings, which are necessary to internal or external extension, especially in older buildings with non-modern sections. However, regardless of the age of the building, as well as the type of project, we can assist you in building upgrades and/or renovations. Our professional team takes care of the extensive design according to your particular requirements, from the simplest to the most complex project (structural changes, partial demolitions, space extensions, etc.).

In any case, the chosen materials are of the highest quality and are installed by experienced professionals.

The final result is a matter of aesthetics. Aesthetics are displayed not only in the interior but also in the surrounding area, which plays an equally important role in the perspective of every client. Our company provides you with a specialized staff, which can take care of the aesthetics of your project, always based on your requirements and needs. At the same time, we provide you with a wide range of services for your outdoor facilities, which may include parking lots, garages, gardening services and more.

B&K Techniki accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the project, with ongoing consulting and engineering support!

You can build on us!


…because we understand the importance of functionalism and timelessness.


...because we understand the importance of aesthetics and quality, for a dynamic market place!


...because we understand the importance of economy and comfort!

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The green house is an energy-efficient and low-cost building, which does not burden you with economic problems at all.

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Smart home

A House as "Smart" as You! The "smart house" is a multi-automation system. You have direct remote control of your home, via a central system, wherever you are.

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Quick House

Build your house faster, more economically and certainly safer (against earthquakes), with a metallic construction shell and a dry construction!

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